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Security Model
Omni derives cryptoeconomic security from restaked $ETH

Omni validators are responsible for verifying the authenticity of cross-rollup messages (XMsgs) and transactions on the Omni EVM. Using restaked $ETH via EigenLayer, Omni leverages the cryptoeconomic security of Ethereum L1 for its own validator set. With more than $100 billion securing Ethereum L1, Ethereum’s security budget is an order of magnitude larger than any other Proof-of-Stake network.

By leveraging restaked $ETH, a highly liquid, low volatility asset, Omni’s security achieves significantly greater stability than its predecessors. Moreover, by deriving security from Ethereum, Omni aligns its security base with the rollups it connects, facilitating a security model that grows in tandem with Ethereum’s modular ecosystem. By implementing a cryptoeconomic security model using restaked $ETH, Omni establishes a new paradigm for secure and reliable interoperability across the entire industry.