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Dual Client Model

Omni introduces Integrated Consensus, a consensus framework that allows validators to run consensus for the Omni EVM in parallel with consensus for cross-network messages without compromising on performance.

Omni’s Integrated Consensus contains two sub-processes:

  • validating state changes within the Omni EVM and
  • attesting to XBlock hashes originating from external rollup VMs.

Integrated Consensus

The aggregate Integrated Consensus process is visualized below.

Integrated Consensus
Integrated Consensus: Validating Omni EVM State Changes and Rollup XBlock Hash Attestation
  1. Every halo client runs a node for each rollup VM to check for XMsg events emitted from Portal contracts.
  2. For every rollup VM block that contains XMsgs, halo clients build XBlocks that contain the corresponding XMsgs.
  3. Once the calldata for a rollup VM block has been posted and finalized on Ethereum, Omni validators use ABCI++ vote extensions to attest to the hash of the corresponding XBlock. These attestations are appended to the current consensus layer block.