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You can use Omni to call a contract on another chain. We call this an xcall.

destChainId, // desintation chain id
to, // contract address on the destination chain
data // abi encoded calldata, ex abi.encodeWithSignature("foo()")

When receiving an xcall, you can read its context through the current xmsg.

omni.xmsg().sourceChainId // where this xcall came from
omni.xmsg().sender // who sent it (msg.sender of the source xcall)

omni is a reference to the OmniPortal contract. One portal is deployed on each supported chain. To make interacting with the portal easier, inherit from the XApp contract.

Only Finalized Cross-Chain Messages are Relayed

XMsg can only be relayed to the destination chain once the transaction it belongs to finalizes on Ethereum.