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Omni Omega Testnet

🚧 Under Construction 🚧

The Omni Omega Testnet is currently under construction. Please check back soon for more information, values are placeholders and will be updated soon.

During the Omni Omega Testnet, users will be able to delegate restaked $ETH to the Omni Operators and take part in challenges posted in a site soon to be released.

Delegating Holesky $ETH

You can delegate testnet $ETH to secure Omni through EigenLayer. Check out this blog post and follow the instructions to delegate. A succinct summary of the steps is below:

  1. Have Holesky as a network to your browser wallet, funded with Holesky $ETH. Read more on how here.
  2. Swap Holesky $ETH for any of the EigenLayer supported restaking tokens.
  3. Connect your wallet to the EigenLayer dashboard.
  4. Restake your restaking tokens on the dashboard restake section.
  5. Delegate your restaked tokens to any of the Omni Operators.
  6. 🎉 You are helping secure the Omni Omega Testnet! 🎉

Stay tuned for more!