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$OMNI is an ERC-20 token launched on Ethereum L1 (deployed to 0x36e66fbbce51e4cd5bd3c62b637eb411b18949d4) with a maximum supply of 100,000,000. 3% of the supply (3,000,000 $OMNI) was distributed at Genesis as part of the Genesis Airdrop. When the Omni network is launched, $OMNI  will be able to be migrated to the Omni EVM. In the future, additional $OMNI can be created on the Omni EVM for validator rewards (see $OMNI  Tokenomics & Utility section for more details).

The $OMNI token serves several crucial roles within the Omni protocol. $OMNI can be used to pay for gas to process both cross-rollup transaction requests and Omni EVM transaction requests. All $OMNI gas fees are burned from circulation. $OMNI can also be staked by or delegated to Omni validators to contribute to the network’s economic security. Staking or delegating $OMNI earns rewards and will allow users to participate in network governance when it is live. Users can stake their $OMNI today by visiting the staking portal.

More details regarding $OMNI’s supply and demand dynamics are covered in the following $OMNI Economics sections.