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Omni is a natively secured, externally verified interoperability network that establishes a new precedent in security, performance, and global compatibility for the future of Ethereum’s modular ecosystem.

Omni realizes this vision by introducing a novel network architecture tailored for low latency cross-rollup communications and global compatibility with Ethereum’s entire rollup ecosystem, underpinned by the cryptoeconomic security of restaked $ETH. This design achieves sub-second cross-rollup message verification while harnessing Ethereum’s industry leading cryptoeconomic security budget. Furthermore, Omni is intentionally designed to be easily integrated with any rollup architecture and local rollup application, while also providing a programmable state layer for managing application deployments across rollups.

With Omni, Ethereum can once again provide a single, unified operating system for decentralized applications, but this time, at a global scale.