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Omega Testnet

This page will walk through how to scaffold, test, deploy and interact with a Solidity program added to the Omni Omega testnet.


You can scaffold a new Foundry template project with forge by running following from your new project directory:

forge init --template


You can test your project by running:

forge test


Have a Funded Account

Before you deploy your project to any network, you will need native tokens for the network you'll deploy to. See the resources page for more information on how to get testnet tokens.

Override Variables


The value for portalAddress should be updated to the address of the deployed Omni portals. This can be found in the relavant addresses page for the Omni Omega testnet which will be shared soon.


You can deploy your project by running:

forge script script/XGreeter.s.sol --rpc-url <OMNI_TESTNET_RPC_URL> --private-key <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY> --broadcast

You can deploy your project to any of the supported testnet networks found in the testnet resources page.


You can also interact with your deployed contract by using the cast send command, or creating a script and invoke it using:

forge script script/YourNewScript.s.sol --broadcast --rpc-url <OMNI_TESTNET_RPC_URL> --private-key <YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY>

Monitor Transactions

You can monitor Omni transactions by using the Omni Omega Explorer found in the resources section.