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Portal Receive Logic

xsubmit Method

The xsubmit method is specifically designed for receiving calls from another chain. It is crucial for the secure and validated processing of cross-chain messages:

  • Accepts calls only from valid signatures, primarily from the designated Relayer.
  • Requires the destination contract address and data, which includes the method and method parameters (data).

Submission Validation

To ensure the integrity and authenticity of incoming cross-chain messages, the following validation processes are performed:

Aggregate Attestation Data Validation

Checks include:

  • Verification that the SourceChainID is recognized and the ValidatorSetID is known, ensuring the availability of the corresponding validator set.
  • For partial submissions, the XBlockHash must match the cursor's record.

XMsgBatch Data Validation

This step involves:

  • Confirming that the TargetChainID matches the local chain ID.
  • For a new batch, verifying that WrappedXMsg indexes start at 0 or follow the last processed message index for ongoing submissions.
  • If the cursor indicates a complete submission, the ParentBlockHash should match the cursor's record.

Aggregate Attestation Signatures Verification

This process includes:

  • Authenticating the validators' signatures on the XBlockHash to ensure a quorum is reached (over 66% of the set's validators).
  • Verifying a Merkle-multi-proof against the XBlockHash that proves the included XMsgBatch hashes and all fields used in the above validation steps.

Through these meticulous validation and verification steps, the system guarantees the secure handling of cross-chain messages, facilitating reliable communication across different chains.