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Use Cases

Omni was built to fill a missing layer in the core Ethereum protocol, complementing it with a foundation that is optimized for modern decentralized application development. Our goal is to create a thriving ecosystem of powerful applications that abstract away complexity and onboard billions of users into the decentralized economy. Omni achieves this through providing a permissionless and programmable platform that aggregates users and liquidity from all rollups.
We're excited to see what developers and teams dream up, but some initial use cases we have in mind are:
  • cross-rollup margin accounts and leverage trading: post margin on one domain, and trade using that margin on a separate domain
  • cross-rollup NFT mints: dropping a new NFT project? Don't limit your user base to a single ecosystem, allow users to mint their NFTs from any domain
  • cross-rollup lending: deposit collateral on one domain, and borrow against that collateral on a separate domain
  • cross-rollup farming: orchestrate all of your yield farming operations from Omni, moving capital across protocols and domains from a single place
  • web3 identity: seamlessly port your identity and credentials across all domains and applications through Omni
  • global gaming: aggregate users from all web3 domains, make it as easy as possible to expand your game's ecosystem of users
This is just the beginning, we have already heard from many teams about novel applications they are building on the Omni Network. Please reach out to our team via Discord if you're interested in building on Omni so we can help introduce you to our wide community of users.